This cute little dog always run away from his owners. You will Cry After Watching This Video. BETTER than TWILIGHT

dog run away

If dogs are man’s best friends, who are dogs’ best friends? Watch this very cute advertisement to find out!

It’s already dogs label to be called as man’s best friends because in times of happiness and sadness they are always be there to make our days brighter and most of us don’t only treat our dogs as pets but embrace them as part of our family.

In this viral Budweiser advertisement, a very cute little dog always run away from his owners rain or shine, digs the ground in order to escape from the gate and runs excitedly in the barn. We don’t want to spoil you who this cute little dog visits in the barn but one this is for sure, it will totally melt your heart. Anyway, this commercial only takes a minute of your time. That’s why you must watch the video now!

Just to give you a little idea of what this advertisement is all about, we’re giving you the top and best comments from the netizens about the Budweiser commercial. According to a male netizen, this advertisement made him cry for the second time in his entire life.

A female netizen on the other hand, said that this is too cute for an advertisement. One even joked that the content of this commercial is better compared to Twilight.

To end this, this Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial – “Puppy Love” hit more than 52 million views, 218K likes and 17K comments in less than a year after it was uploaded dated January 29, 2014.
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