Dog Has The Best Possible Reaction To A ”Stinky” Baby

There’s nothing better than hearing a baby in a fit of giggles — but the child in the video below had us (and Mom) laughing for entirely different reasons. The key here is to watch the reaction of the family dog. They’re all sitting together as mom films her teeny baby. The family’s dog laying next to him on the sofa, and the child does something not-so-cool beyond the age of infancy: He poops his pants.

It’s as they say: “If you gotta go, you gotta go.” This kid most definitely had to go.

And look, babies do that. They’re basically hardwired for eating and pooping and, sometimes (if you’re lucky), they may let you catch a couple of hours of sleep in between the aforementioned activities. But this poor dog and the look on his face after his tiny pal has done the deed reminds us that even the most commonplace events make for some of the funniest videos.

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Credit: America’s Funniest Home Videos


Little Girl Shows Off Her Adorable Veterinarian Abilities By Healing Her Patient Dog

he bond that dogs share with humans is one of the strongest friendships in the history of our planet, and this amazing video proves it.

While we might be two completely different species, the love we share for each other is eternal and absolutely unbreakable, and that’s something beautiful to be a part of.

So when one little girl saw that her “lifeless” dog was in need of medical attention, she knew that she was going to have to rush in order to make sure he would survive.

In perhaps one of the cutest videos ever recorded, this adorable future veterinarian seems very concerned about the well-being of her best friend in the whole world. This dog, who is so incredibly patient and loving throughout his whole “operation,” clearly has great love for her.

It’s hard to believe that there are people out there who don’t think dogs can actually feel love, but it’s videos like this that prove that they do, without a shadow of a doubt!

Check out the adorable story below!