It’s Just A Normal Drive In His Car. But Watch When HE Opens The Back Door…

Out of all the times stars hopped into James Corden’s car for his famous “Carpool Karaoke” segment (and there have certainly been a few), this one might be the greatest yet.

The reason? This time the fun was taken to another level with the help of a few more famous faces than expected.

Gwen Stefani was the first to join Mr. Corden for this unforgettable “Carpool Karaoke” moment. They were quickly joined, however, by two of Hollywood’s greatest: Julia Roberts and George Clooney. (This funny ride might be even better than the time Corden texted Leonardo DiCaprio from Jennifer Lopez’s phone when she appeared on the show!)

While the almost 15-minute ride was pretty much all fun to watch, this standout moment below is one of the most entertaining.

First, the four stars perform Stefani’s 2006 song “Hollaback Girl” together. And you might be surprised that Clooney and Roberts know the lyrics to this Stefani song.

It’s probably less surprising that they also sang along to Queen’s 1977 hit “We Are the Champions.” I mean, who doesn’t know that classic?!

If only you could call up one of these four to include on your next road trip, right?

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Dad Puts Newborn Baby In Bath For The First Time. Seconds Later? OMG!!

When you bring home a new baby, every little action is a monumental experience. The first feeding at home; the first time he or she sleeps through the night; the first bath time, even! And here we meet a doting Dad who gets to give his baby her very first relaxing bath.

James Perry uploaded a truly adorable video of him bathing his brand new baby girl for the first time, as Mom stands by and proudly films the two. The way he talks to her so sweetly, tickles her and gently holds her in the warm water is just too much to bear!

What an adorable family. By now, this baby is 3 years old, and I would love to see what she looks like.

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