Retired Officer Meets Baby Girl Whose Life He Saved In 1981

In 1981, Department of Public Safety officer Denny Welsh happened to be flying in air rescue helicopter when he looked down and saw something fly out of the windshield of a crashing SUV. Welsh told the pilot to land and rushed to the scene with a medical bag. He realized it was a car seat that flew out of the vehicle. He just hoped and prayed there wasn’t a baby inside.

But indeed, there was a baby. It was 18-month-old Misty Heard, and she wasn’t breathing.

Misty’s mother, Cindy, watched in horror as Welsh tried to revive her helpless daughter. She and her son, who miraculously survived the crash with minor injuries, were supposed take an ambulance to the hospital. “I still can remember Denny saying ‘No, this mama is going with her babies’,” she told KVOA. “They took all three of us and he revived Misty again in the helicopter.”

Welsh saved Misty’s life that day, and never saw her again — until three decades later, when the now retired paramedic reunited with the grown up Misty. In the video below, watch as they embrace and cry in the emotional meeting.

As Misty recovered and grew older, doctors told her she would never have children because of the injuries to her pelvis. But there was another miracle in store…

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