Rather Than Let Bullying Get Her Down, A Teen Decided to Get Even With Her Haters In a Positive Way


Caitlin Prater-Haacke is transforming a “dark moment” in her life into a ray of sunshine for others.

After someone “urged her to die” in a post on her Facebook feed, Caitlin decided to respond with grace and positivity. She began posting Post-It notes on the lockers of all her fellow high school students, with written sentiments like “You look good today!” and “You’re beautiful!”

For a time, her practice of positivity came under fire, as school administrators became concerned about the notes becoming litter. But Caitlin quickly gained a following and soon “Positive Post-It Day” was born. The City Council gave Caitlin the go-ahead, and now she regularly leaves the notes for her peers.

And she’s not the only one. Other community members have taken up the practice at school and at work.

They want to help Caitlin out in her mission to spread the love.

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