Doctor Goes To Deliver Baby, But When Dad Looks Closer And Sees THIS? He’s Shocked

Alicia and Randy were as prepared as they could be for the delivery of their baby girl, Neveah — which is “Heaven” spelled backwards. Alicia was scheduled for a C-section back in 2013, and Dr. Sawyer of Glendale, Arizona was the man in charge of bringing baby Neveah into the world. But just as the baby was being pulled from the womb, Randy heard Dr. Sawyer calling to him.

“Hey, she’s grabbing my finger,” Dr. Sawyer shouted. Without hesitation, Dad ran over, grabbed his camera and saw it — Nevaeh was indeed reaching out of Alicia’s womb to hold the doctor’s finger in the middle of the C-section! Randy was worried about missing the moment, but thankfully he caught it just in time. The stunning and surreal image went viral, and it’s easy to see why. Even the medical team said it was a spiritual moment for them, and they see new life enter the world every single day! On Facebook, Alicia wrote, “Truly amazing. I am in awe of this photo. Something to remember forever.”

Alicia also made a print of the photo for Dr. Sawyer to keep.

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She Picks Up A Massive Diamond, But How Much It’s Worth Will Blow You Away…

Just like Marilyn Monroe once said, diamonds are, undoubtedly, a girl’s best friend.

And who can blame us? They’re sparkly and breathtaking, no matter how big or how small, like this woman’s gorgeous engagement ring.

But then there are diamonds so enormous that you can’t help but be in awe of them.

Enter the “Lesedi la Rona,” the largest gem-quality rough diamond discovered in more than 100 years.

It’s a whopping 1,109 carats, and it’s expected to sell at an auction in London for $70 million.

“It really just soared off the scale of rare into something just, one off. It’s just unique,” said David Bennett, worldwide chairman of Sotheby’s jewelry division.

And if you’re wondering just what a 1,109-carat diamond looks like in your hand, it’s about the size of a tennis ball! This sparkler is clearly more than just your average wedding ring.

This gorgeous rock definitely took its time to form, too. It’s believed to be between 2.5 billion to more than 3 billion years old.

Bennett suggests getting a good look at it in all its glory, because in two or three years’ time, “it may very well be cut up into all these wonderful famous stones.”

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Doctor Notices One Twin Looks Different, Then Looks At His Face And Tells Mom…

19 years ago, Ramona was pregnant with twin boys. Before she gave birth, doctors noticed one of the babies suffered a condition so rare that they gave her the option to terminate him. Ultimately, Ramona decided to go through with both pregnancies, and Haidin and Gabriel were born.

Gabriel was born with Pierre Robin Syndrome, a rare condition where a baby is born with a small lower jaw and a tongue positioned further back in the mouth than usual. This can result in breathing and feeding difficulties, and a cleft palate. Because he looked so different from Haidin and the other kids at school, Gabriel was made the subject of constant bullying. He never liked taking photographs. Haidin came to play the role of protective brother, often fighting with other classmates on his behalf. Even Ramona was ridiculed. “Someone came and told me I must have drank a lot during pregnancy because he had a clef palate,” she says.

Despite the physical and psychological hardships, Gabriel has developed an incredible outlook on life and, over time,  a strong and inspiring sense of self-confidence.

But now, after nearly 20 years of looking different, Gabriel is preparing for surgery, which will potentially make him look identical to his twin brother…

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Mom Says She Can Feed Family Of Six On $4 A Week. Now Watch What She Does..

Kathy Spencer says she can feed her entire family of six for about $4 a week. No, she’s not saying she only has $4 to spare, she’s saying she does it for sport. Kathy even goes so far in this video to break one of her very own records. At a supermarket, her bill totals $267.23, but after using a pile of coupons, the total is just one penny.

The mother uses coupon hacks and strategic spending to get prices down as much as possible. At the deli, she illustrates how some planning can result in big savings. She has seven coupons for a dollar off of seafood. Instead of buying a pound of shrimp, for example, Kathy gets a quarter pound of seven different kinds of seafood — sounds like a pretty good stew to me — so that each quantity only totals a dollar. With the coupon, each bag of seafood becomes free.

“Once you have a stockpile, you’re good to go and you go through the ads, find out what works for free and then cut the coupons and go to the store,” Kathy said. “When I go to the store, I only buy what works out free or close to free, and that’s how I do it for as little as I can.”

In Kathy’s home, she has a stockpile cupboard of pantry items just in case anyone gets hungry, all of which she got for just a few cents.

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Marine Father Finally Gets To Meet His Tiny Baby Daughter In Person

Starting a family is easily one of the hardest things anyone can do. The amount of planning and questions and money is enough to make anyone feel the waves of exhaustion. But after a lot of work and a little bit of luck, a loving couple can always manage to get their family started!

From planning the size of the house, to something as simple as the correct name for the newborn, these things might seem simple enough, but a lot of work goes into every single step of the journey.

So even though Marine Sgt. Scott was overjoyed at the prospect of meeting his new baby girl, it was a bit heartbreaking to realize that he wouldn’t be home in the weeks leading up to that amazing day. Scott would be thousands of miles away from the mother of his baby girl, and there would be nothing he could do about it.

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Pregnant Mother Shows Off Just How Much Her Baby Likes To Wiggle And Dance

Mom was 30 weeks pregnant when Dad caught this incredible footage on tape; but looking at her belly, you would think that she was overdue and just about ready to pop!

Things were going perfectly normal for Mom, but suddenly she felt an odd sensation in and around her belly. When she looked down, it must have been quite the shock. Even with the knowledge that your baby is happy and healthy inside of you, it honestly must be a bizarre feeling for all the amazing moms in the world who go through this!

It’s not easy to create a new life out of nothing, but after nine long months of work, these amazing mothers somehow manage to bring a whole new human into the world. It really is an incredible feat when you think about it, but it takes amazing videos like this to show just how amazing it looks, too.

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Dad Writes Surprise Message To Mom On Newborn’s Onesie

When baby Everly was just one day old in November of 2014, she was tasked with a very important job. Everly’s dad, Chad, worked secretly to give the mother of his child, Lauren, the surprise of her life — but first, she needed to realize the surprise was written on Everly’s adorable onesie. Lauren had no idea what was coming just 24 hours after delivering her baby girl.

The surprise was truly a family affair. Chad enlisted the help of Lauren’s cousin to come up with the brilliantly creative idea, which you’re about to see. Both Chad and Lauren’s families were in the hospital room and in on the surprise. Even the nurses were involved in the set-up!

Here’s how it went down: Lauren’s aunt, who was holding Everly at the time, told Lauren that she had a dirty diaper — so she handed the baby back to the glowing new mom. “Lauren started unwrapping the blanket to change her and the rest is history,” Chad told us.

Watch the video below to see the message Dad had written for Mom on Everly’s onesie. The second Lauren realized what was happening, she was absolutely stunned.

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[Credit: Chad McDevitt YouTube, Facebook]

Sleepy Baby Can’t Help But Use His Dog Friend As A Pillow

It seems that dogs have a special kind of loyalty to the babies in their families. Somehow, they instinctively know when they’re in danger and when they need help. This rescued pup followed his 3-year-old human for miles until he found help. That’s when he started barking and authorities found the pair safe and sound!

But these incredible creatures aren’t just there to save lives, but to provide comfort to those who love them. And “comfort” has more than one meaning! It’s not just emotional for this baby, who simply needed a place to lay his head.

In this footage by America’s Funniest Home Videos, the camera focuses on an adorable baby-and-puppy pair, and the little one can’t seem to keep his eyes open. He slowly sways back and forth, and it looks like he’s going to tip over any moment.

The quiet pup is unfazed, and doesn’t flinch when the baby finally does lean all the way forward… and makes himself comfortable on the dog’s soft fur. That’s quite the pillow, if you ask us!

In turn, the dog helps the baby get comfy by spreading out and laying his head down. How cute is that?

Watch the short clip to see these two share a beautiful friendship.

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Mom Cries After Her Special Needs Daughter Goes To Prom With Dream Date

Destiny McLemore is a 17-year-old junior with special needs at Anderson High School in Indiana. Destiny’s mother, Angi, is a single mom whose heart has been broken over and over again, watching Destiny face rejection and ridicule. “I’ve gotten used to the looks and the stares,” she told WTHR. “It’s hard when you see a lot of other kids doing things that your child doesn’t get to do.”

But this year, Destiny decided that she wasn’t going to let her differences get in the way of going to the special needs prom — and she knew exactly who she wanted her date to be. Grant Kelley is a high school senior, the high school mascot, soccer player, and show choir performer. He is a popular student who is continuously voted onto homecoming and prom court.

Despite his seemingly intimidating status, Angi helped Destiny ask Grant to be her prom date by creating a sign and posting it on Facebook for all of her classmates to see. “Grant Kelley, will you go to my special needs prom with me?” she boldly asked.

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They Say She’s The Most Beautiful Girl Alive. When The Camera Pans Back, I’m…

Florence Colgate has the kind of beauty many women are prepared to pay a lot of money for. The kind of beauty that artists, scientists, and mathematicians have struggled for centuries to figure out. Florence Colgate has a perfectly symmetrical face, with large eyes, full lips and high cheekbones.

Florence hails from a British seaside town, studied at the Dover Grammar School and worked a job at the Middle Street Fish Bar. In 2012, she won a natural beauty competition sponsored by Lorraine Cosmetics. The competition based its results on a proportional beauty theory. As it turns out, Florence’s face is not only naturally beautiful, but science considers her face “near-perfect.” As a result, she emerged from complete obscurity and into internet stardom.

Researchers who have studied attractiveness say that on a perfect face, the distance between pupils is 46% of the width of the face from ear to ear; Florence’s is 44%. The distance between the eyes and mouth should be a third of the length of the face; Florence’s is 32.8%. This reminds me of the young Russian model Kristina Pimenova, who is considered by many as the most beautiful girl in the world.

It may be surprising to some, but Florence is a humble, down-to-earth person. She attributes her beauty to her confidence and inner happiness. But really, is beauty defined by science, or society? Let us know what you define as beautiful, and please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook!