Twins who share everything including their BOYFRIEND vow to get pregnant at the same time because ‘their bodies need to be identical’

IDENTICAL twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque — with their identical boyfriend, bed, mobile phone number, clothes, hairstyles, diet and cosmetic enhancements, are accustomed to being the identical centre of attention. That changed — temporarily — when they joined the panel of SBS current affairs and discussion show Insight for a double episode about twins last night. Suddenly, they weren’t the only twins in the room. But the admission that they are convinced they’ll be pregnant at the same time —

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This Girl’s Webcam Wouldn’t Turn Off, But Her Problem Wasn’t Something Tech Support Could Fix

Most of us have used our laptop webcams to either video chat with someone overseas or to take a selfie. However, did you know that it’s possible for hackers to actually infiltrate your computer and watch your webcam without you knowing? It’s terrifying and the video below is a short film simply called “Webcam” – perhaps the scariest thing is it’s based on a true story. See for yourself: Like this article? Share it!

Top 10 Toxic Fake Food Items Produced In China

TOP 10 TOXIC FAKE FOOD ITEMS PRODUCED IN CHINA China is internationally renowned for their fine cuisine and many dishes that burst with cultural heritage. However, its food industry has gained notoriety and has taken quite a beating from the public recently for its disturbing lack of standards. For many years now, citizens of the world have been steering clear from foods imported from China, and it’s easy to understand why. China has gained notoriety among consumers for their inventiveness

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This Woman Spent Over $76,000 For The Perfect Body And This Is The Result

We’re all works in progress, every one of us. We all have areas of ourselves we want to work on, whether it’s our attitude, our outlook, our waistlines, our earning power, our intellects, or our skills. Some people take cooking classes, or take up crochet, or start jogging, while others go back to school. Regardless, everybody has a goal in mind, a finish line they’re looking to pass. If you’re not moving forward, you’re stagnating — and that’s not living.

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30 Weird Facts That Sound Wrong… But Are Surprisingly True.

There are a lot of strange and unusual occurrences happening in the world, both from history and the present. The subtle weirdness of human beings, the natural world, and historical events are rarely reported on or recorded in history books — but this list has got a lot of them. Below are 30 bizarre facts about the world as we know it (or the world as we used to know it). It’s random information and trivia, but it’s also surprisingly

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30 People Who REALLY Don’t Get Technology… #15 Is My Dad.

When you’re born into a world of advancing technology, it’s not hard to adapt and learn quickly of the new widgets developing around you. Nowadays, the younger you are, the more likely it is that you’re tech savy. Unfortunately, not everyone adapts at the same speed. Some people, no matter how hard they try, just don’t get it. And we sympathize for them, but at the same time we can’t help but giggle at all the incredible fails that they

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Shattered Glass Nails Are Going To Make You Proud Of Your Fingers.

Like many fashion and beauty trends, this latest manicure madness originated in South Korea. It might look extraordinarily complicated, but it’s surprisingly DIY-able — and the finished results look ridiculously awesome. It’s called the shattered glass manicure, and all you need to complete it is black nail polish, topcoat, and nail art glitter. You also need a healthy bit of patience (this takes awhile), but once you get it figured out, your nails are going to look insanely cool. See

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21 Weird Things Almost All Guys Do But Don’t Realize, As Revealed By Women

21 women were asked the question, “What are some weird things that almost every guy does but doesn’t realize.” The results are simply hilarious! 1. The pants slap. Slapping his pockets before he leaves the house to ensure his wallet and phone are there. 2. Lowering his voice by an octave when talking to his dad on the phone. 3. When you ask him a question and he can’t decide whether he should answer with a lie, he’ll say “what?”

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Russian man ‘marries’ a pizza because love between humans is ‘too complicated’

Deep-an meaningful relationship: A lonely Russian pizza fan fed up of not having a better half has ‘married’ his favourite food Struggling to find the love of your life? It’s a pizza cake for this Russian groom.The un-named man married a pizza after becoming fed up with being single. The bizarre wedding ceremony took place in a pizzeria in the city of Tomsk in south-central Russia. The newlywed admitted he did not have a ‘deep-pan’ meaningful relationship with his ‘bride’,

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