This Baby Having An Argument With A Bulldog Is Ridiculously Adorable


I see the future in practicing law for this baby. How old is she, one, and already making one hell of an argument. You gotta admire the stoicism of this dog though. He probably pooped on a carpet somewhere, so he thinks he’s being disciplined. That is so adorable.

On the other hand, if we could understand baby, it would probably translate into something like “poop, diaper, baby, mommy, blanket, sleep” because you know, babies are dumb.

*covering my ears so I wouldn’t hear you hating*

Watch The Heartwarming Moment This Rescue Dog Tries A Bed For Very First Time.


When you’ve always had something, it’s easy to take it for granted. Take, for example, your bed. You come home to it every night (and you probably always have), but when you do, you don’t think about it too much. It’s just another thing in your home, right? Well, for Millie, a bed isn’t just unusual: It’s basically the most exciting thing ever.

Millie is a 7-year-old bull terrier foster dog who has never had a real bed. When she finally discovers the joy of lying on one, her excitement is palpable. We’ve never seen a creature quite so ecstatic before.

She Couldn’t Sing The US National Anthem… Watch How These Canadian Hockey Fans Responded.


Americans know they have an ally north of the border. Even if, for whatever reason, they need Canadians to step in and sing their national anthem, the Canucks have their back. A technical glitch in the sound system at a pro hockey game caused a mic to malfunction during the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Being good hosts, fans at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada, belted out their neighbour’s anthem in unison. Visiting team, the Nashville Predators were playing against the Maple Leafs. Although the Canucks showed true sportsmanship, it did not help as the Predators crushed the Maple Leafs 9-2.

The American national anthem is not taught in Canadian schools. It is through the love of hockey that Canadians know it as it’s played at a lot of games. The National Hockey League has seven teams in Canada and 23 in the United States. Before the puck drops , anthems from both countries are sung. Who knew hockey could be so educational?


He Catches His Wife Crying While Doing Laundry. Then She Tells Him The Shocking Truth


This man follows his wife every morning without her knowing. Sounds strange doesn’t it? It’s not because he doesn’t trust her. In fact, his reason is a lot deeper.

This is an incredibly touching short film (it’s only 8 minutes but I guarantee you won’t want to stop watching once you start). I didn’t know where it was going at first but when I understood, I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

See if you agree with this husband.

This wonderful husband really sets the bar for what true love really is. This short film is called Blind Devotion and is created by the Jubilee Project, a non-profit organization that aims to tell uplifting and inspiring stories to help bring positive change in the world.

If you liked this short film, here’s another one by the same people that really moved me: CoPilots

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This Dad Doesn’t Want To Walk His Daughter Down The Aisle… And I Agree With Him

dad-683x275 (1)

One of the proudest moments in a father’s life is when they get to walk their beautiful daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. But for this little girl, she won’t even get the chance to ask her dad. She’s only 4 years old but her dad has already said he’s not going to be there for her on her big day. Sounds so wrong… but this dad isn’t being a jerk or an overprotective father who doesn’t want to give his precious girl away.

His reason is on a whole new level. Watch this and see if you agree with him.

This was so touching. Chloe is a very, very lucky little girl.

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Dad Hears Baby Laugh For The 1st Time, But Wasn’t Expecting This!


This baby laughs for the very first time, and his dad cannot stop himself from laughing. This video really will have your sides splitting, and it is really incredible how much joy a young baby can bring. The 3 month old baby really does enjoy making his dad laugh, and now again he looks to his mum and laughs even more.

The dad doesn’t even need to do anything special to make this baby laugh, because he just can’t help himself from laughing at just about anything.

You’re going to have to watch this one and see it for yourself. It is absolutely hilarious and it will have tears rolling down your face. Nothing beats a young baby’s laugh, whether you have one of your own or whether you’re just looking for some afternoon entertainment; this video is a must-watch.

This Lion Was Rescued From A Circus. When He Touches Grass For The First Time? My Heart Melts.


The circus is a cruel place for animals. Please never support a circus that uses animals for entertainment. These animals are often kept in small cages and are denied the life and freedoms they deserve. Cirque du Soleil?

Awesome, amazing, all people! The ones with animals? Not so much. I promise, once you watch this video you will never think twice about supporting an animal circus again.

This poor lion was held captive for 13 years and forced to perform. When they let him out and he gets to feel the grass? Grab the tissues, this is adorable!

Watch What Happens When These Italian Boys Are Asked To Slap A Girl.

Watch What Happens When These Italian Boys Are Asked To Slap A Girl.

Violence against women is a social problem worldwide. It affects one third of all women in every social and economic class, every religion and ethnicity.

Italian video journalist Luca Lavarone conducted a social experiment. He filmed as he spoke with young Italian boys and asked them questions about their age and what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Then, Lavarone introduced them to a young girl named Martina and asked them what they thought of her. They all responded with sweet compliments. Next, the boys were asked to caress her and they all responded with nervous giggles and then reached out to give her a gentle touch on her arm and cheek.

The final request was to slap Martina as hard as they could. Watch how they respond

These boys will grow up to be great men.

Source: Via LifeBuzz


She Applies Makeup To Half Her Face… When She’s Done You’ll Be Blown Away.


She Applies Makeup To Half Her Face… When She’s Done You’ll Be Blown Away.

When it comes to makeup and beauty, it seems like sometimes, women are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. If a woman wears a lot of makeup, she’s “trying to hide her insecurities” or looks “too done up.”If she doesn’t wear any, she’s “not trying hard enough.”

One makeup artist wanted to make a comment about these terrible stereotypes, and make it known that cosmetics are supposed to allow women to have fun instead of being shamed. So she decided to transform her face using makeup. The overall result of her makeover is truly incredible, but it’s her message that might really surprise you.

Source: NikkieTutorials Via Life Buzz


Officer Busts A Woman For Shoplifting But Lets Her Go Because He Sees This. Unbelievable.


A police officer in Kansas was called when a woman was caught red handed while shoplifting. However, when the officer showed up at the Wal-mart where it happened, he took one look at her then let her go. Sounds odd? It should.

You see, the woman shoplifting was a mother of six who had fallen down on her luck after her husband passed away. She was caught stealing diapers and baby wipes. When officer Mark Engravalle turned up, he saw the woman’s kids; dirty, barefoot, and crying in fear that Officer Engravalle was going to arrest their mother.

Screen Shot: YouTube

Instead of arresting the mother, he decided to take care of her and her kids. He purchased the items she attempted to steal and even bought a pair of shoes for each of her kids.

Screen Shot: YouTube

Officer Engravalle did have to write the mother a citation but as a father himself, he just knew he couldn’t let her walk out empty handed.

Watch the short video of the story here:

We salute you Officer Engravalle. It goes to show there are still good people out there, we’re proud of him!

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