It’s Just A Normal Drive In His Car. But Watch When HE Opens The Back Door…

Out of all the times stars hopped into James Corden’s car for his famous “Carpool Karaoke” segment (and there have certainly been a few), this one might be the greatest yet.

The reason? This time the fun was taken to another level with the help of a few more famous faces than expected.

Gwen Stefani was the first to join Mr. Corden for this unforgettable “Carpool Karaoke” moment. They were quickly joined, however, by two of Hollywood’s greatest: Julia Roberts and George Clooney. (This funny ride might be even better than the time Corden texted Leonardo DiCaprio from Jennifer Lopez’s phone when she appeared on the show!)

While the almost 15-minute ride was pretty much all fun to watch, this standout moment below is one of the most entertaining.

First, the four stars perform Stefani’s 2006 song “Hollaback Girl” together. And you might be surprised that Clooney and Roberts know the lyrics to this Stefani song.

It’s probably less surprising that they also sang along to Queen’s 1977 hit “We Are the Champions.” I mean, who doesn’t know that classic?!

If only you could call up one of these four to include on your next road trip, right?

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Strangers Save A 4-Year-Old’s Birthday Party After Everyone Cancels

Rachelle Briannan had everything planned out for her son Taenon’s fourth birthday party, and had invited 12 other kids to come join the festivities.

And then, the worst thing happened. One after another, the guests either canceled at the last minute or simply failed to show up at all without a word.

Rachelle was devastated for Taenon who, she says, was just old enough to understand parties and friends — and what it meant to be abandoned.

Terrified that his first real party experience would be ruined, and possibly cast a shadow over future parties, Rachelle put out a desperate plea on the Facebook group Midnight Mums, a loose organization of young mothers who swapped stories and support online.

But she shouldn’t have worried. Apparently, these Midnight Mums are more than just online pals: they’re a real sisterhood.

This wonderful organization responded in a way that not only astounded and touched Briannan, but gave Taenon a wonderful birthday party just in the nick of time, much in the way some police officers did for another little boy with a birthday wish.

Check out what happened on Taenon’s birthday below, and see what happens when people really come together!

[H/T: Mashable]

Although she’d planned out everything for her son’s fourth birthday party, Rachelle Briannan suddenly found everything falling apart at the last minute.

Guests were dropping out one by one, and she was devastated.

In a last-ditch effort, she posted this plea to Midnight Mums, a Facebook group for mothers of young children.

But as Rachelle was despairing and wondering what she would tell her son, Taenon, the Midnight Mums were planning.

Soon, a callout was placed for some 30 families to gather at a local McDonald’s in Melbourne.

When Rachelle and Taenon arrived, they found that the Midnight Mums had thrown their own last-minute party!

With plenty of friends, and even some donated balloons from a local party supply shop, it looked like Taenon’s party was going to be a great one!

And there were even more surprises in store for Taenon.

Three members of the Nillumbik branch of the State Emergency Services arrived to let the kids take a tour of their fire truck.

“It’s not something we do normally,” said the SES controller, “but we thought it’d be fun to have the kids check out the truck.”

And as for the Briannan family, they’re thrilled to have such a supportive and loving network looking out for them.

Taenon’s birthday party was certainly a memorable one, and here’s hoping to an even better party next year!


Now, Rachelle has taken to Facebook for a very different reason: to thank all the kind souls who helped make her son’s fourth birthday a very special one.

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Dad Writes Surprise Message To Mom On Newborn’s Onesie

When baby Everly was just one day old in November of 2014, she was tasked with a very important job. Everly’s dad, Chad, worked secretly to give the mother of his child, Lauren, the surprise of her life — but first, she needed to realize the surprise was written on Everly’s adorable onesie. Lauren had no idea what was coming just 24 hours after delivering her baby girl.

The surprise was truly a family affair. Chad enlisted the help of Lauren’s cousin to come up with the brilliantly creative idea, which you’re about to see. Both Chad and Lauren’s families were in the hospital room and in on the surprise. Even the nurses were involved in the set-up!

Here’s how it went down: Lauren’s aunt, who was holding Everly at the time, told Lauren that she had a dirty diaper — so she handed the baby back to the glowing new mom. “Lauren started unwrapping the blanket to change her and the rest is history,” Chad told us.

Watch the video below to see the message Dad had written for Mom on Everly’s onesie. The second Lauren realized what was happening, she was absolutely stunned.

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[Credit: Chad McDevitt YouTube, Facebook]

Sleepy Baby Can’t Help But Use His Dog Friend As A Pillow

It seems that dogs have a special kind of loyalty to the babies in their families. Somehow, they instinctively know when they’re in danger and when they need help. This rescued pup followed his 3-year-old human for miles until he found help. That’s when he started barking and authorities found the pair safe and sound!

But these incredible creatures aren’t just there to save lives, but to provide comfort to those who love them. And “comfort” has more than one meaning! It’s not just emotional for this baby, who simply needed a place to lay his head.

In this footage by America’s Funniest Home Videos, the camera focuses on an adorable baby-and-puppy pair, and the little one can’t seem to keep his eyes open. He slowly sways back and forth, and it looks like he’s going to tip over any moment.

The quiet pup is unfazed, and doesn’t flinch when the baby finally does lean all the way forward… and makes himself comfortable on the dog’s soft fur. That’s quite the pillow, if you ask us!

In turn, the dog helps the baby get comfy by spreading out and laying his head down. How cute is that?

Watch the short clip to see these two share a beautiful friendship.

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They Put Baby On The Floor, But When Puppy Does THIS, Dad Can’t Stop Laughing!

Dogs and babies… It doesn’t get any cuter than that, and this video is proof-positive.

In a video that’s been seen over eight million times, watch in delight as Shortie puppy Wicket gets deep in conversation with Baby Sophie. Sophie’s parents call her a bona fide dog whisperer, and I tend to agree. Little Sophie crawls on the carpet and has a lot to say to her canine sibling, and Wicket talks right back!

Their back-and-forth banter is priceless, and you can hear Sophie’s dad cracking up as the camera rolls. Everyone loves it when babies and dogs meet each other for the first time, like when Buddy, the adorable pit bull, couldn’t stop giving a baby kisses! And if you love videos of newborn animals and babies talking to each other, then you’ll love this, too.

I don’t know who’s cuter, the baby or the puppy. Let’s call it an even tie, and let these two cuties duke it out.

Thank goodness the fam was there to film this beautiful moment. It certainly be a wonderful memory that everyone in the family will cherish for years to come. It’s so wonderful to see these two young babies with full lives ahead of them so happily playing with each other!

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Army Soldiers Surprise Their Daughter At A School Magic Show

Being away from your loved ones is never easy…especially when you’re not sure when you’re going to see them again.

One thing I admire most about our soldiers is how they put our country before their own wants and needs. It’s never easy for any parent to be away from their little ones, but when you’re serving on deployment, being away from family is often the most difficult part. That’s why I love seeing amazing video of our brave men and women of the military coming home and surprising their unsuspecting kids.

When your kids are young, it’s truly the “little things” that matter most. This is why it’s especially hard for our heroes to miss out on big days like graduations and birthdays, like when this soldier and single father surprised his daughter on her 3rd birthday. As you can see in this next video, coming home is a great opportunity for soldiers to surprise their families in the very best way.

Julia and Brian Woodburn are both in the U.S. Army and have been deployed for months. While being away from each other was extremely difficult, the worst part has been being separated from their young daughter, Addison. The couple teamed up with magician Nathan Roberts to give their little girl a show she’ll never forget!

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Dad Puts Newborn Baby In Bath For The First Time. Seconds Later? OMG!!

When you bring home a new baby, every little action is a monumental experience. The first feeding at home; the first time he or she sleeps through the night; the first bath time, even! And here we meet a doting Dad who gets to give his baby her very first relaxing bath.

James Perry uploaded a truly adorable video of him bathing his brand new baby girl for the first time, as Mom stands by and proudly films the two. The way he talks to her so sweetly, tickles her and gently holds her in the warm water is just too much to bear!

What an adorable family. By now, this baby is 3 years old, and I would love to see what she looks like.

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Little Girl Is Overjoyed When Her Dog Comes Home After Being Missing For Two Years

t might be hard to believe for some people out there, but from time to time a miracle will happen with no real explanation. Sometimes it can be something huge, like if someone were dying on the operating table only to suddenly come back to health; but sometimes it can be a little bit more subtle, but not any less incredible.

Two years ago, little Jocelyn left for school; it was a normal day like any other, but when she came back, her mother had to give her the horrible news that her precious baby dachshund Pokenotz had gone missing.

The whole family searched for the little guy, but when weeks turned into months, it seemed like the beautiful dog would never be found. But Jocelyn never lost hope! She always kept up the prayer that her darling little dog would one day return to her family.

It may have taken a while, but on an especially normal day, Jocelyn noticed that her mom was acting a bit odd, and that’s when she saw it. Please check out the incredible story below if you believe in miracles!


Dad Catches His Little Girl Hilariously Trying To Wipe Food Off Of Her Face

Mealtime is a great time for a father and daughter to do some bonding.

When they’re really young, dinnertime can be quite the epic tale to tell. As babies move from soft foods to solid foods, the experimentation really begins. So many textures, and so many fun things to play with! Oftentimes, as much food ends up on the child as it does in the child’s mouth… not to mention on the floor.

When this little girl got to experiment with some delicious spaghetti, the sauce ended up literally everywhere, including on her little brother. The evidence is all right there!

But when this father was feeding his daughter a yummy meal that included mashed potatoes, things took a very silly turn…

There is so much to learn when you’re little, sometimes it’s really hard to take it all in. The alphabet, numbers one to 10, and colors are just barely scratching the surface of things a baby needs to get a grasp of.

One of the more difficult things to master? Spatial awareness.

When this little girl got a little smudge of mashed potatoes stuck on her forehead, she has her first tough lesson in spatial awareness. She just can’t seem to pin that stray food down! Every time she looks up? There it goes again!

Dad simply can’t keep it together. He tries to help her out, but this is something she’ll surely learn on her own in time.

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The mother’s first touch moment that’s melting hearts everywhere


It’s only 30 seconds long, but this video of a mother holding her premature baby boy for the first time has touched hearts around the world.

The clip of baby Hugo and his mum has been viewed more than six million times since it was uploaded onto the Love What Matters Facebook Page earlier this month.

“This is a video of the first time Jessica held her 10 week premature baby, Hugo,” a message posted along with the video reads.

“After being delivered by c-section he was quickly whisked away to the NICU to be evaluated. Jessica was only briefly able to see him as she needed to recover as well.

“It wasn’t until almost 60 hours later that Jessica was finally able to hold her baby boy for the first time.

“I took this video hoping to catch a moment, never did I anticipate seeing the exact moment that she fell completely in love with him. The bond between Mother and Son immediately solidified.

“I hope that this video can show people that Love is the most important thing in anyone’s life. Without it we will simply exist, when the goal is to live.”

The heart-warming clip prompted other parents of premature babies to share their own stories of the moment they first held their tiny son or daughter.

“My daughter was 11 weeks early. It was hours after she was born before I was allowed to hold her. And after there were only certain windows of time I could hold her. It is very tough. This is beautiful,” posted one commenter.

“My daughter was born 10 weeks premature too. Today you’d never know it -she’s a healthy teenager. Mother’s love will get you through it all,” wrote another.

The video of baby Hugo and mum Jessica, from Canada, was filmed last December.

Happily the family is now home after Hugo was released from hospital earlier this month.

Shortly after Hugo’s birth the family started a Facebook page Hugo’s Journey to keep people updated on the little boy’s progress.

"The Exact Moment She Fell Completely In Love With Him

"This is a video of the first time Jessica held her 10 week premature baby, Hugo. After being delivered by c-section he was quickly whisked away to the NICU to be evaluated. Jessica was only briefly able to see him as she needed to recover as well. It wasn't until almost 60 hours later that Jessica was finally able to hold her baby boy for the first time.I took this video hoping to catch a moment, never did I anticipate seeing the exact moment that she fell completely in love with him. The bond between Mother and Son immediately solidified. I hope that this video can show people that Love is the most important thing in anyone's life. Without it we will simply exist, when the goal is to live." <3 A Love What Matters Original Video#LoveWhatMatters

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, February 16, 2016