Airman Stuns His Teenage Brother With A Surprise Homecoming

Tristan Faunce is a high school senior, but leading up to the last days of school, he was a little confused by what was happening at home. First, his mother bought an air mattress. Then, she moved the date of his graduation party to before the event itself. To the teen, none of this made sense.

He didn’t suspect his mother’s plan, which she had devised with his older brother, Andrew. Andrew is a member of the United States Air Force, and has been away for the past two years in Germany. For that entire time, the two brothers missed one another and couldn’t wait to be reunited. The end of the school year, which coincides with Mother’s Day, was the perfect time for the airman to surprise Tristan!

During an interview in the baseball team’s locker room, Andrew snuck up on Tristan and grabbed his shoulders. While the teen didn’t flinch, he was visibly moved by the sight of his brother’s face, and didn’t waste time before giving him a long-awaited hug. And perhaps despite his best efforts, the young man shed some tears, and told his brother that he loves him!

Watch the clip to see the heartwarming reunion between two brothers.

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