Meet The New York Professor Who Has 22 Children And 18 Baby Mama’s (With MORE Kids On The Way!)

A New York math professor has admitted that he is the proud father of TWENTY-TWO CHILDREN.

Many of Ari Nagel’s children were conceived in restrooms at Target or Starbucks. But you won’t find the 40-year-old hooking up with woman in the stalls.

The single professional lends his services to lesbian couples who patiently wait outside the bathroom – for a cup of his sperm..

40-year-old Ari Nagel has been donating his sperm to women for nearly a decade. He’s now got nearly enough children to fill an entire baseball team, and has a whopping 18 baby mamas.

The Kingsborough Community College professor’s first donated his sperm eight years ago at a fertility clinic, when his single friend in her late 30s wanted to become a mother.

Women who are desperate for a surrogate father can find Ari Nagel via Craigslist or “Known Donor Registry,” a free website connecting couples to donors who do not want to remain anonymous.

This option is a lot more much cheaper for hopeful mothers than a sperm bank, where costs can range anywhere from $300 to $4,000, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

Nagel offers his sperm up for free.

Sometimes he and the mother-to-be will conceive the old-fashioned, with lesbian couples sometimes holding their partner’s hand in bed for moral support.

But more often than not Nagel’s sperm is produced thanks to a couple minutes of “alone time” with his cell phone.

Nagel usually delivers his sperm into a menstrual cup. An ovulating woman can then insert this cup in her cervix for up to 12 hours.

But the ladies don’t just flock to Nagel because of his free services or high sperm count.’He’s a lot of fun to be around,’ Tiffany Harrison, 41, told the New York Post. ‘He loves people, he’s outgoing, and he’s gorgeous.’

Tiffany Harrison and her wife Yvonne have a toddler daughter with Ari Nagel.

Ari sees her regularly and turns up at their home for babysitting and birthdays.

Nagel says that he loves that his “side hobby” allows him to have a huge family without all the responsibility.

Ari Nagel told The Washington Post: “Some children I’ll see every week, but there are others I’ve never even met. I feel like I’m getting all the joy, but also getting a good night’s rest.

But some mothers haven’t been happy with Nagel’s hands-off approach and have taken him to court.

The first five women that Nagel provided his services to successfully sued him for child support, although he claims they promised in advance they would never sue.

‘I don’t know what’s more surprising: that five sued or 17 didn’t,’ Nagel said. ‘They were all well aware there was no financial obligation on my part.’

After revelations about the prolific sperm donor came to light, Ari Nagel’s wife of 10 years and the mother of his three children, Roxanne, is reportedly ‘livid,’ according to the New York Post.

‘She’s been yelling at me a lot,’ the Kingsborough Community College professor told the paper.

But despite losing half of his paycheck to his growing brood, Nagel is still talking to more women looking to have children.

He recently shared to his Twitter page pictures of women he’s impregnated and a brand new baby.

Ari Nagel says he has no regrets when it comes to his huge family, who now scatter the entire globe.

‘I just love seeing how happy the moms and kids are. That’s why I do this. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.’ he said.

Ari Nagel says he has no regrets when it comes to his huge family, who now scatter the entire globe.

‘I just love seeing how happy the moms and kids are. That’s why I do this. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.’ he said.

Kid Stands Up During A Wedding And Gives The Groom The Shock Of His Life


It was bride Shannon’s big day and she decided she wanted to surprise her fiancé, Rick and their 130 guests. Students from The Music Depot School of music and performance came as guests and sat in the church.

As the bride walks down the aisle everything seems like a normal wedding until she arrives at the altar. Then a young boy stands up and starts singing “Chapel of Love”.

He is soon joined by 15 other students in a special flash mob that went off without a hitch…except for the bride and groom, of course!

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No One Could Understand Why She Kept Her Baby, But She’s Still Inspiring Thousands


When Lacey Buchanan was pregnant, she had no idea what was in store for her.

She was excited to know that she was pregnant and that she was having a boy. But, as her baby grew, something went wrong. Doctors weren’t sure what was happening to the small child inside of her…

And many people suggested she abort the baby.

But this mother refused to give up on her unborn child (grab your tissues).

Once Christian was born, Lacey had to be even stronger.

People would stare, ask questions, and judge her family without knowing the truth. One person even told Lacey shewas a horrible person for not aborting her son.

Although many may not understand this family’s situation, one thing is certain: they are an inspiration, even today.

But now? Her strength and the little video she made are still touching thousands of people.

This mother’s love and strength are truly amazing.

She refused to give up on her unborn child…and continued to be a source of love and support, even during hard times. Remember Lacey and Christian when you’re feeling down. Their lives aren’t easy, but they love each other and they are happy. These two are truly an inspiration!

Credit: ViralNova

I Just Found The Most Patient And Compassionate Dog! Watch This!


Most elderly people can’t do what this man does. According to neighbours, nearly every day, he walks his dog. Maybe it’s because he has a dog that is so patient and compassionate that it makes walking with him possible. Isn’t this footage incredible?

What a good dog!

4 Bikers Stand Guard Outside Child’s Window. Now Watch When They Turn Around.

Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. They exist as a body of Bikers to empower children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live. In the video below, Badd Bob, Blade, Hammer and Doc P join “Emotional Mojo” to talk about their organization and what they do to protect children who have been abused.

First, the guys explain the fitting connection between motorcycles, bikers and children, and how it makes for an incredible bonding experience. BACA members will pick a BACA child up from the bus, camp out in front of his or her home until the child feels safe, and even attend courtroom abuse cases with the child victims to help them feel more comfortable.

Perhaps the sweetest and most unexpected moment comes when Doc P demonstrates the importance of the stuffed teddy bears they give to each new BACA member. “If they become a BACA child, part of the ceremony is that we all — all these bikers standing around — take this bear and give it a hug in order to tell the child that we’re filling it with courage and love…And that if it ever gets empty or they ever need us back again, we’ll come back and fill it up again.” So incredible!

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A Frightened Child Enters The Courtroom To Testify. Now Watch What These Bikers Do.

Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. In the video below, Crime Watch Daily hits the road and meets the BACA crew in Los Angeles as they work with a new member named Mika.

BACA members truly go above and beyond in order to make children more comfortable and supported as they deal with the terrible cards with which they’ve been dealt — which often includes sexual and physical abuse. They’ll do everything from picking kids up from the bus to escorting them to and from school or therapy sessions. The children have these rough-and-tumble men playing with Barbies and painting butterflies on their faces.

But what strikes me most is the fact they’ll even attend courtroom cases in which child victims must testify against their abusers. Looking out into the seats and seeing them filled with their strong and powerful leather-clad friends can make a frightened and intimidated child feel much more secure. “The kid looks at us, concentrates on us knows we’re there for them.” Wow. This is absolutely remarkable.

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Retired Officer Meets Baby Girl Whose Life He Saved In 1981

In 1981, Department of Public Safety officer Denny Welsh happened to be flying in air rescue helicopter when he looked down and saw something fly out of the windshield of a crashing SUV. Welsh told the pilot to land and rushed to the scene with a medical bag. He realized it was a car seat that flew out of the vehicle. He just hoped and prayed there wasn’t a baby inside.

But indeed, there was a baby. It was 18-month-old Misty Heard, and she wasn’t breathing.

Misty’s mother, Cindy, watched in horror as Welsh tried to revive her helpless daughter. She and her son, who miraculously survived the crash with minor injuries, were supposed take an ambulance to the hospital. “I still can remember Denny saying ‘No, this mama is going with her babies’,” she told KVOA. “They took all three of us and he revived Misty again in the helicopter.”

Welsh saved Misty’s life that day, and never saw her again — until three decades later, when the now retired paramedic reunited with the grown up Misty. In the video below, watch as they embrace and cry in the emotional meeting.

As Misty recovered and grew older, doctors told her she would never have children because of the injuries to her pelvis. But there was another miracle in store…

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It’s Just A Normal Drive In His Car. But Watch When HE Opens The Back Door…

Out of all the times stars hopped into James Corden’s car for his famous “Carpool Karaoke” segment (and there have certainly been a few), this one might be the greatest yet.

The reason? This time the fun was taken to another level with the help of a few more famous faces than expected.

Gwen Stefani was the first to join Mr. Corden for this unforgettable “Carpool Karaoke” moment. They were quickly joined, however, by two of Hollywood’s greatest: Julia Roberts and George Clooney. (This funny ride might be even better than the time Corden texted Leonardo DiCaprio from Jennifer Lopez’s phone when she appeared on the show!)

While the almost 15-minute ride was pretty much all fun to watch, this standout moment below is one of the most entertaining.

First, the four stars perform Stefani’s 2006 song “Hollaback Girl” together. And you might be surprised that Clooney and Roberts know the lyrics to this Stefani song.

It’s probably less surprising that they also sang along to Queen’s 1977 hit “We Are the Champions.” I mean, who doesn’t know that classic?!

If only you could call up one of these four to include on your next road trip, right?

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Strangers Save A 4-Year-Old’s Birthday Party After Everyone Cancels

Rachelle Briannan had everything planned out for her son Taenon’s fourth birthday party, and had invited 12 other kids to come join the festivities.

And then, the worst thing happened. One after another, the guests either canceled at the last minute or simply failed to show up at all without a word.

Rachelle was devastated for Taenon who, she says, was just old enough to understand parties and friends — and what it meant to be abandoned.

Terrified that his first real party experience would be ruined, and possibly cast a shadow over future parties, Rachelle put out a desperate plea on the Facebook group Midnight Mums, a loose organization of young mothers who swapped stories and support online.

But she shouldn’t have worried. Apparently, these Midnight Mums are more than just online pals: they’re a real sisterhood.

This wonderful organization responded in a way that not only astounded and touched Briannan, but gave Taenon a wonderful birthday party just in the nick of time, much in the way some police officers did for another little boy with a birthday wish.

Check out what happened on Taenon’s birthday below, and see what happens when people really come together!

[H/T: Mashable]

Although she’d planned out everything for her son’s fourth birthday party, Rachelle Briannan suddenly found everything falling apart at the last minute.

Guests were dropping out one by one, and she was devastated.

In a last-ditch effort, she posted this plea to Midnight Mums, a Facebook group for mothers of young children.

But as Rachelle was despairing and wondering what she would tell her son, Taenon, the Midnight Mums were planning.

Soon, a callout was placed for some 30 families to gather at a local McDonald’s in Melbourne.

When Rachelle and Taenon arrived, they found that the Midnight Mums had thrown their own last-minute party!

With plenty of friends, and even some donated balloons from a local party supply shop, it looked like Taenon’s party was going to be a great one!

And there were even more surprises in store for Taenon.

Three members of the Nillumbik branch of the State Emergency Services arrived to let the kids take a tour of their fire truck.

“It’s not something we do normally,” said the SES controller, “but we thought it’d be fun to have the kids check out the truck.”

And as for the Briannan family, they’re thrilled to have such a supportive and loving network looking out for them.

Taenon’s birthday party was certainly a memorable one, and here’s hoping to an even better party next year!


Now, Rachelle has taken to Facebook for a very different reason: to thank all the kind souls who helped make her son’s fourth birthday a very special one.

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Airman Stuns His Teenage Brother With A Surprise Homecoming

Tristan Faunce is a high school senior, but leading up to the last days of school, he was a little confused by what was happening at home. First, his mother bought an air mattress. Then, she moved the date of his graduation party to before the event itself. To the teen, none of this made sense.

He didn’t suspect his mother’s plan, which she had devised with his older brother, Andrew. Andrew is a member of the United States Air Force, and has been away for the past two years in Germany. For that entire time, the two brothers missed one another and couldn’t wait to be reunited. The end of the school year, which coincides with Mother’s Day, was the perfect time for the airman to surprise Tristan!

During an interview in the baseball team’s locker room, Andrew snuck up on Tristan and grabbed his shoulders. While the teen didn’t flinch, he was visibly moved by the sight of his brother’s face, and didn’t waste time before giving him a long-awaited hug. And perhaps despite his best efforts, the young man shed some tears, and told his brother that he loves him!

Watch the clip to see the heartwarming reunion between two brothers.

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