Pregnant Mother Shows Off Just How Much Her Baby Likes To Wiggle And Dance

Mom was 30 weeks pregnant when Dad caught this incredible footage on tape; but looking at her belly, you would think that she was overdue and just about ready to pop!

Things were going perfectly normal for Mom, but suddenly she felt an odd sensation in and around her belly. When she looked down, it must have been quite the shock. Even with the knowledge that your baby is happy and healthy inside of you, it honestly must be a bizarre feeling for all the amazing moms in the world who go through this!

It’s not easy to create a new life out of nothing, but after nine long months of work, these amazing mothers somehow manage to bring a whole new human into the world. It really is an incredible feat when you think about it, but it takes amazing videos like this to show just how amazing it looks, too.

Make sure to check out the wild video below if you love moms everywhere!



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