Mom Says She Can Feed Family Of Six On $4 A Week. Now Watch What She Does..

Kathy Spencer says she can feed her entire family of six for about $4 a week. No, she’s not saying she only has $4 to spare, she’s saying she does it for sport. Kathy even goes so far in this video to break one of her very own records. At a supermarket, her bill totals $267.23, but after using a pile of coupons, the total is just one penny.

The mother uses coupon hacks and strategic spending to get prices down as much as possible. At the deli, she illustrates how some planning can result in big savings. She has seven coupons for a dollar off of seafood. Instead of buying a pound of shrimp, for example, Kathy gets a quarter pound of seven different kinds of seafood — sounds like a pretty good stew to me — so that each quantity only totals a dollar. With the coupon, each bag of seafood becomes free.

“Once you have a stockpile, you’re good to go and you go through the ads, find out what works for free and then cut the coupons and go to the store,” Kathy said. “When I go to the store, I only buy what works out free or close to free, and that’s how I do it for as little as I can.”

In Kathy’s home, she has a stockpile cupboard of pantry items just in case anyone gets hungry, all of which she got for just a few cents.

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