Meet beautiful baby Eli – born without a nose!


Eli was born at South Baldwin Hospital in Alabama, USA on March 4 2015 – but there is something very special about this beautiful baby boy! He was born without a nose.

Baby Eli has a condition known as complete congenital arhinia, which only has 37 known cases worldwide. The condition is extremely rare, with the chance of being born with congenital arhinia standing at one in every 197 million.

The good news is that even without a nose, mum Brandi says that Eli is a 100% happy and healthy baby – he just breathes through his mouth!

She says that she does worry about ‘the day he comes home and someone has made fun of his nose… We don’t want anyone to pity him. We never want anyone to say they feel sorry for him. If other people express that, he’ll feel that way about himself.’

Looks like Eli is lucky to have such a gorgeous family around him!


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