After A Most Horrific Accident, Family Shows The True Power Of Love. Beautiful.


Pete Benda, a student at Juan Diego High, accidentally slipped and fell 30 feet head-first while swapping out a lamp at his school’s theater. According to physicians, falling at such heights can result in seizure, slurred speech, comas, or death. Despite this traumatic accident, Pete was a fighter, and survived the fall.

Instead of throwing their hands in the air in despair, Pete’s parents were by his side every step of the way, working with doctors, and specialized therapists to guide him towards a favorable recovery.

Although Pete could not speak, he was able to listen and hear everything around him. He believed in himself, and the power of his parents undying love kept him strong. One day, Pete and his family were in the car when something truly bizarre occurred…

Watch the amazing heart-wrenching video:


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