Doctor Notices One Twin Looks Different, Then Looks At His Face And Tells Mom…

19 years ago, Ramona was pregnant with twin boys. Before she gave birth, doctors noticed one of the babies suffered a condition so rare that they gave her the option to terminate him. Ultimately, Ramona decided to go through with both pregnancies, and Haidin and Gabriel were born.

Gabriel was born with Pierre Robin Syndrome, a rare condition where a baby is born with a small lower jaw and a tongue positioned further back in the mouth than usual. This can result in breathing and feeding difficulties, and a cleft palate. Because he looked so different from Haidin and the other kids at school, Gabriel was made the subject of constant bullying. He never liked taking photographs. Haidin came to play the role of protective brother, often fighting with other classmates on his behalf. Even Ramona was ridiculed. “Someone came and told me I must have drank a lot during pregnancy because he had a clef palate,” she says.

Despite the physical and psychological hardships, Gabriel has developed an incredible outlook on life and, over time,  a strong and inspiring sense of self-confidence.

But now, after nearly 20 years of looking different, Gabriel is preparing for surgery, which will potentially make him look identical to his twin brother…

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