Dad Catches His Little Girl Hilariously Trying To Wipe Food Off Of Her Face

Mealtime is a great time for a father and daughter to do some bonding.

When they’re really young, dinnertime can be quite the epic tale to tell. As babies move from soft foods to solid foods, the experimentation really begins. So many textures, and so many fun things to play with! Oftentimes, as much food ends up on the child as it does in the child’s mouth… not to mention on the floor.

When this little girl got to experiment with some delicious spaghetti, the sauce ended up literally everywhere, including on her little brother. The evidence is all right there!

But when this father was feeding his daughter a yummy meal that included mashed potatoes, things took a very silly turn…

There is so much to learn when you’re little, sometimes it’s really hard to take it all in. The alphabet, numbers one to 10, and colors are just barely scratching the surface of things a baby needs to get a grasp of.

One of the more difficult things to master? Spatial awareness.

When this little girl got a little smudge of mashed potatoes stuck on her forehead, she has her first tough lesson in spatial awareness. She just can’t seem to pin that stray food down! Every time she looks up? There it goes again!

Dad simply can’t keep it together. He tries to help her out, but this is something she’ll surely learn on her own in time.

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