AMAZING Animation Using iphones and iPads

iphone animation video

This could be the coolest music video I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t seen it, then now’s your chance.
Ukranian indie band Brunette Shoot Blondes released the official music video of their song “Knock Knock.” And it’s not just a simple music video as it uses Apple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks with minimalistic animations flashing on the screens of these gadgets.

This is a music video showing an animated humanoid rabbit chasing a girl across the screens of 14 Apple products.
“We had an idea of graphic elements that would interplay between the gadgets,” band member Andrew Kovaliov told Dezeen Magazine. “So then we created the characters and started to work on synchronisation of the video fragments downloaded on different devices.”

The music video’s two protagonists are a man with a rabbit’s head and “the girl of his dreams”, who he has to pursue throughout the animation because she is tired of his antics.

Kovaliov added, “He is a typical bad boy, who tries very hard to regain her attention. And finally he receives it – a love story with a happy ending.”

At the start of the video, it reads “Everything you see on the screens is going on in real time.”
After the humanoid rabbit turned up at the girl’s door with flowers, he chases her through various scenarios like stairs, road, and so many more as they move from screen to screen.

The band asked the helped of their friends to provide the devices, as well as hands to activate and move them. They used total of six iPhones, one iPod nano, three MacBook Airs, two iPads and two iPads mini.

Kovaliov told how they’ve furnished everything, “After the animation was finished it took us a plenty of time to calculate each fragment to seconds in Adobe Premiere so everything was synchronized. After several rehearsals we could run the fragments on all devices simultaneously.”


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